What I offer

Usui Reiki ~ Angel Reiki

I am a fully attuned Usui Reiki Master. Reiki is a non-contact holistic treatment that has been around for a hundred years. It works on maintaining the energy flow around the body by unblocking the chakras using Universal Healing Energy chanelled through the hands. Angel Reiki calls upon the Angels to send their healing energy using the Reiki Practitoner as a conduit. I work in my lovely, tranquil treatment room using candle light and meditation music to let you drift away while I perform the treatment. Reiki can help with so many things, including many medical conditions that can be caused by simply being stressed and depressed. I always use crystals with my Reiki treatments as the crystals help to draw out any negative energy.  A 30 minute session costs £20


Crystal Healing

With Crystal Healing a beautiful crystal tumblestone is placed on each of the chakras. Reiki is then performed, chanelling the energy through the crystal to help draw out negative energy and fill the client with postive energy. Crystals and crystal infusions are available to purchase after your treatment if you wish. Please ask me. I have over 60 varieties of crystal tumblestones, rough crystals and bracelets at just £1 each. A 30 minute session costs £20


Aromatherapy Massage

I am a fully qualified Aromatherapy Practitioner. The massage treatments are carried out in my peaceful treatment room. These beautiful essential oils can help with so many different conditions and assist with mental wellbeing. I also offer packages that include massage, Reiki and Crystal Healing. Please let me know if you have any allergies or medical conditions before you come as some of my carrier oils are nut based, and some essential oils are not suitable for certain conditions, including pregnancy. Please note that I see women only for massage at this present time. A 30 minute massage is £25. 


Anti-ageing Rose Oil Facial and Head Massage

A 30 minute anti-ageing facial using rose essential oil with a relaxing head massage.  Rose oil is renowned for it's anti-ageing and skin brightening properties. A 30 minute treatment costs £25

Reiki with Crystal Healing & Aromatherapy Massage

Reiki, Crystal Healing and an Aromatherapy back & shoulder massage. 45 minutes for £30

Five Treatments in One

Reiki, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy back & shoulder massage, Rose Oil Anti-Ageing Facial and an Aromatherapy head massage. Try all my treatments in one blissful session £35 for one hour.

Tarot Reading

Should you take that job, stay with your partner or move on, will you meet your soulmate, move house or have a baby? These ancient, beautiful cards will help you find answers to your questions. A 30 minute Horseshoe Spread £10

Life Coaching using the Law of Attraction

What if you could have the life you dream of? The business or career you have always wanted but never knew how to achieve? What if you could lose the weight, attract the partner, find the friendships, take up the hobby? What if you realised that it is only self-doubt, and negative thoughts that are stopping you? Life coaching works with you using a series of powerful questions to help you find the answers yourself. The answers that are buried deep in your subconcious mind. Once we discover those answers we will set goals and will work closely together to help you reach those goals. We will focus on changing the way you think so you can use the Law of Attraction to manifest the life you have always dreamed of. One hour is £30.

Hot Stone Massage - coming soon!!

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